Mancsy at Afflecks

19th Oct 2016

Most of us have an affection or a tale about Afflecks in Manchester's Northern Quarter. In 2012, when I started posting free bees, Miki from Extreme Largeness became an early fan and collector. Her collection is the largest other than my own. When she proposed a Mancsy at Afflecks project I was straight onboard.

I've a long association Afflecks and happily recall spending my pocket money buying badges, vinyl, clothes and posters as a lad. Most fondly I remember the long gone axolotls, one of whom features alongside a dapper Afflecks fox, current items and original purchases I made for my Mancsy at Afflecks, October 2016 free-bee poster.

Outhouse artist Jay Sharples painted a hazard stripe backdrop for my oversized Afflecks fox paste up. Get down and share your buzzin' foxy selfies.

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