Let's Save our Relics of Art

17th Apr 2017

It was on a Manchester Street Art Tour that I started thinking about the artworks around us which are falling into disrepair. City of Hope increased street art tourism but alongside the international names we have some great historic pieces which need our care.

While there are many more, I picked out three which stand out as iconic works and developed posters to raise awareness.
David Kemp's Tib Street Horn whose fate is uncertain now the site is set for redevelopment.
Lemn Sissay's Flag poem whose physical form crumbles beneath our feet.
Dan Dubowitz's Ancoats Peeps whose small windows to our past suffer condensation but worse, several have been removed as sites have been redeveloped. Like the work itself this print has a hidden feature. Turn it over to see a mashup of 3 of the original peeps.

As an artist I was inspired to share my work on the streets around the Northern Quarter and Ancoats as these works stood tall. As you play finders keepers enjoy your surroundings and share the word. Let's look after our history.

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